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About Jack Deli Feedback Survey

Jack Deli is a restaurant which located in 28 states, it is a family restaurant and focuses on community, now it serves their customers at 275 delis. They have their special way to select the indigents, prepare the food and serve it to the customers. Jack Deli only provides fresh food, it is one of the first restaurant to delete artificial trans fats from their dishes, they have eliminated artificial colors and flavors, processed MSG, Dyes, High-fructose corn syrup, which is really healthy. There is a slogan of Jack Deli called: "If we wouldn't serve it to our families, we're not going to serve it to yours."

There exits story about how Jack Deli support the community.

We are trying our best to provide local people a better live, and to add the communities more value. There is a word called "out-of-this-world hospitality", which is the principle of our value.

Jack Deli

Providing local people a better live.

We dedicate to provide better dishes and a menu of a variety of choices to our customers, we want to provide foods with high quality, different choices to them, only to make sure that they can enjoy our food and had a memorable experience in our restaurant. To provide them a better live, we need to make them feel comfortable and convenient just like they are having meal at home. Jack Deli is a family owned restaurant, so we have the chance to be pioneers in food service.

Jack Deli

Add value to communities.

Our customers are active in their communities, we are very proud that they support community projects and our company's charity programs, we are really thankful for that.

In 2003, we establish our Community Partners Program (CPP) , which is a program related to local schools and houses of worship, we provide services to them. When community meet disasters and hardship, local delis support them. They also made food donations. Jason's Deli restaurants had a chance to gather communities to support local schools, college clubs, churches and non-profit organizations. We featuring an on line community to offer our customers an insight into our products and services in their communities. The name of it is JD Nation, it connects the people and the restaurants. We also have a cooperation with MD Anderson Cancer Center, we are helping fund cancer research, helping to make people be aware of the cancer, supporting the prevention programs.

Jack Deli

Jack Deli Feedback Survey Prize

As a family owned restaurant, we have the chance to be pioneers in food service. We can renew our menu and service constantly, only to provide you a better Jack Deli. We want to hear about our guests, to know which part of the restaurant should be improved. Without your words, we would never know if our food and services are good enough, if our dishes could meet your needs. Come and take the survey, we value every word of you, we will consider every one of your suggestions and advice. Thanks for your efforts, we will give you a surprise gift after completing the survey.

Description Detail
Prize $5 coupon
Age Limitation 18+
On line or Off line participation on line

Using $5 coupon, you can enjoy many types of food in Jason Deli. You can use it to buy burgers in the restaurant, they are healthy and affordable in Jason Deli. You can save $5 using the coupon, if you do not have time to use it, you can give it to your parents or friends, let them have meal in Jason Deli. It is a good choice to have dinner in Jason Deli.

How to Join Jack Deli Feedback Survey

survey page

1-Enter www.JasonsDelifeedback.com

2-Please Click "Yes" if you have the three-digit store number.

3-Without the info above, you can also start the survey, but it is not recommended.

4-There are 10-15 small questions of the survey, please answer all of the questions referring to your knowledge.

5-You can also skip questions but that is not recommended

6-After finishing the survey, you will have a special code that can be redeemed to avail a surprise gift offer.

Jack Deli Feedback Survey Rules

Participants should be 18 or older.

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Jason’s Deli Customer Survey Link: www.JasonsDelifeedback.com

Jason’s Deli Official Site: www.jasonsdeli.com


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