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In 1891, two friends, Samuel Robinson and Robert Crawford, began to run a business called ACME market. It was a little neighborhood grocery store which is located at Second and Fernon Streets in South Philadelphia. What is special to ACME is that the market focus on the quality of the goods, they provided grocery with affordable prices and friendly services. Now is the 128th year after the first ACME opened. But the mission of ACME is never changed. Today, ACME also offers goods with high quality and tries their best to meet customers' needs.

There are 169 stores of ACME now, which are locate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, Connecticut, and Maryland. It has nearly 20,000 employees. There is one thing that never change, that they continue to provide freshest and the kindliest service to all the consumers.

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We have our social roles and focus on sustainability.

We promise to integrating sustainability to our business, to ensure that our staff, guests, stakeholders can create better lives and a healthier planet.

Our sustainability goals are evolving constantly, and every stakeholder knows about the important changes of our goal. This is a kind of process which need to gather initiatives, baseline data and best practices across our company.

We support the local communities; the most apparent thing is the neighborhood store. We work closely with fishWise, because we have our own seafood sourcing teams, they need advice from professional experts, we take appropriate and professional steps to sustainable source seafood for every store.

Another way is to make food donation program to help to feed millions of families. This is also our sustainable plan.

This is a substantial contribution to important causes which thanks to the contributions from our customers and employees. We help many disabled people, veterans and people with breast cancer.

To achieve our substantial goal, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and use of other important sources. We are trying our best to make our business more efficient, and to reduce the overall environmental footprint. We also want to encourage you to learn more about our progress, because we can work together to make the positive difference to the neighborhoods and the planet we live on.

ACME Customer Survey Prize

ACME wants to provide the freshest products and the kindliest service to all the consumers. However, they do not know if the service and products are enough for their customers. In order to know if the prices are affordable, if the service is kind and warm, please give ACME your advice. Let them know what you think, it is the best way to improve themselves. They will provide you better products and better service.

Description Detail
Prize $100 Gift Card
Age limited 18+
On line or Off line participation On line
Survey Limitation Limit one entry per person

Using the $100 gift card, you can buy many fresh product in ACME. As ACME provides a variety of products, you can buy prepared food, milk, bread, beauty products in ACME. You can use $100 gift card in many times, so it is also a good present for your parents, they can buy food and products for cleaning in ACME.

How to Join ACME Customer Survey

Survey Page

1- Enter www.acmemarketssurvey.com

2- Find the details on the receipt, fill them in the space provided and click "Next".

3- Make sure to answer all the questions referring to your experience.

4- Providing your contact information at the end of the survey.

5- A special coupon code will be given to you, which can be redeemed on your next visit.

ACME Customer Survey Rules

1- Participants should be legal residents of the states of: Delaware, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania who are 18 years of age.

2- If you enter by mail, there is a limitation of one entry per envelope.

3- You can check the complete ACME Markets Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules.

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ACME Customer Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.acmemarketssurvey.com

ACME Official Site: www.acmemarkets.com


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