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About Baja Fresh Survey

Baja Fresh is a well-known restaurant which is founded in 1990. It is a business success in the world, because only within 30 years, Baja Fresh developed to operate or franchise 165 restaurants in 26 states, it also opened restaurants in Dubai and Singapore. Baja Fresh became part of Kahala BrandsTM in 2016, which is one of the fastest growing franchising companies in the world, later it developed much faster than before. Baja Fresh is a Mexican style restaurant, it is not just a fast food restaurant, products and foods from Baja Fresh is traditional fire-frilled and fresh.

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The philosophy of Baja Fresh is "Live Fresh". All our Mexican food was handmade of farm fresh ingredients, not tin-canned. Glorified TV dinners from microwaves and freezers are not provided by Baja Fresh.

There are no freezers. Our restaurant uses "fresh never-frozen white meat chicken tenders, fresh never-frozen steak, line-caught Wahoo (Ono), fresh veggies - all delivered fresh to the restaurant at least twice per week." All food is made in front of you.

We believe that earing well is a way of life, as well as a state of mind. We made real Mexican food with passion, for real people. In that case, food needed to be prepared by hand with real recipes and real farm fresh ingredients, served in bright, clean restaurants. We guarantee all our guests energized by good health and good nutrition.

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Life should be full of variety, zest and positive energy. We invite you to Eat Well and Live Fresh by making your local Baja Fresh Mexican restaurant a part of your active daily lifestyle.

"Live Fresh" also means novel and personalized. You can customize your own meal for reasons, like people who are on diet, you can choose 500-calorie menu with contains ensaladas, tacos, "bare style" chicken burrito, tortilla soup; For people who are going to have parties with friends, we provide Classic Party Packs, which comes with chips, 2 salsas and your choice of Baja ensalada or Baja rice and Beans. All catering orders are packed up in a convenient reusable bag and come complete with utensils, plates and napkins.

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Baja Fresh Survey Prize

Why Bajafresh Survey

At Baja Fresh, it is our mission to provide each customer the highest level of satisfaction. In order to know about our customers preference and suggestion, we arranged Baja Fresh Survey to collect the feedback of our clients.

We thank you in advance for sharing your honest feedback on this brief customer survey. Your opinion is the driving force for our progress, we will provide better food and better services based on the needs of our customers. Everything we do is to make our customers feel better about Baja Fresh, to lead a "fresher" life.


Description Detail
Prize random/exclusive
Receipt validity period 7 days
On line or Off line participation on line

How to Join Baja Fresh Survey

survey page

  • Enter www.bajafreshsurvey.com

  • Enter the location number located or select the store you visited.

  • Select the date we served you.

  • Please answer all the questions referring to your experience.

  • Rate your satisfaction with your most recent experience at Baja Fresh.

  • Make a comment in your own words.

  • Enter your email address if you would be interested in joining Club Baja and receiving discount coupons or promotional information.

  • Fill in your personal information.

  • Write the following redemption code on your receipt as follows.

Baja Fresh Survey Rules

  • Receipt validity period: 7 Days

  • Receipt Code Validity: One-time use only

  • Remember to write down the redemption code on your receipt after the survey and bring it on your next visit to Baja Fresh.

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Ellen 2019-07-11 10:05:27
I could not find the entry of the survey before, so I read this article and entered the survey successfully. Thanks to the website, I can take the survey within the validity of my receipt. It also reminds me to write down the redemption code after the survey, it helped me a lot.

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