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Bennigan's is a neighborhood restaurant and tavern with high-energy, it focuses on its customers, unique experience, variable beverage and chef-driven food. It has a nearly 40 years history and continues to develop today, now it has renewed its design, providing warmth, Irish style to customers. Local people loves Bennigan's, not only for the food and service it provided, but also view Bennigan's as a place for kick back or to meet their friends. We would like to say that Bennigan's is more than a restaurant, it has its special culture, unique experience, you cannot find them in any other restaurants. Foods in Bennigan's are with high quality but in affordable price, that is one of the reason local people like to choose Bennigan's for dinning, it always a good choice.


In Bennigan's, there is a legacy called "Every Day is St. Paddy's Day at Bennigan’s". When the true St. Paddy's Day came, interesting stories occurred.


St. Paddy's Day is one of the most famous Irish holiday, as it was approached, Bennigan’s tried our best to make the day special and unique. This year, the iconic restaurant travels back to the groovy’ 70s to celebrate the holiday, which is a way to memorize the birth year


Some years ago, in 1976, Flip Bennigan made an adventure on St. Paddy's Day, he traveled in Atlanta, looking for a place to stay, he came across the original Bennigan's restaurant in accident, at that time the restaurant was celebrating Blarney Blast™, with legendary beverage, meals and a lot of fun. To that day, every one of the Bennigan’s restaurants celebrate Blarney Blast™, because Flip Bennigan made a promise that day: sharing emotional connection felt on the first Blarney Blast with the world.


In march, you can join Bennigan's restaurants to enjoy the Lucky' 76 Meal Deal, the meal only costs $19.76, you can enjoy appetizer, dessert and two entrées at such a low price. Not only the menu is affordable, but also the quality is very high, you can enjoy those unique food and drinks within the meal. Besides, Bennigan's is creating new 70s centric, cocktails of Irish style to make sure that the party is full of energy and fun.

It is very interesting that Sam Adams' birthday is still on that day. To celebrate the two remarkable brands together, Bennigan’s uses a special way: featuring Sam Adams' revolutionary take on everyday beer-Sam Adams' 76-during St. Paddy's Day.

Bennigans Customer Survey Prize

Bennigan's is an Irish style restaurant, which is different to fast food restaurants, steak house and other American restaurants. Foods and services are totally different in Bennigan's, to cover the demand of customers and know what is their needs, Bennigan's arranged a survey to collect the feedback of their guest. They want to know if they service is good to local people, if they like the way they served, the food they provided, the drinks they made. Your suggestions and advices are important to Bennigan’s, they will value every word from you.

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1- Enter www.bennigansfeedback.com

2- Choose the language: English, Spanish, Greek, Korean and Arabic.

3- You can find 4 digit store number from the receipt, enter it and click next.

4- Please provide details like transaction ID, etc, you can find it on the receipt.

5- Make sure that all this information is correct because you need to use it to take part in the survey.

6- The survey has 4-5 small questions, please answer all of the questions referring to your knowledge.

Bennigans Customer Survey Rules

Please write down the redemption code on your receipt, remember to bring it on your next visit.

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