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In 1985, the first Cicis Pizza was opened in Plano, Texas, which was the time that appeared the Original Unlimited Pizza Buffet. As a pizza store, there are various pizzas like: ham pineapple, Bacon cheese, Italian salami, cheese steak, spinach cream cheese. Besides pizza, Cicis also offers many types of food, like Italian salads, spaghetti with tomato sauce, junk food, chicken noodles, soups, beverage and desserts like brownies, cinnamon rolls, apple pies. All food is provided in a hot and fresh way, you can enjoy whatever you want in Cicis Pizza. There is no limitation for food, you have different choices in Cicis. Nowadays, Cicis now operates 450 restaurants in 32 states.

There is a historical story about Cicis Pizza.

The first Cicis was born in 1985, there were two founders: Joe Croce and Mike Cole opened the first CIcis in Plano, Texas. From that time, we tried our best to make the restaurants interesting and family-friendly. We wanted to provide a site where our customers could enjoy a wide variety of food, with affordable price, and with the warm service.

Cici's Pizza

16 years later, we have opened 380 Pizza stores, we decided to turn the pizza house into a buffet restaurant. Thanks to the decision we made, four years after, we expanded our restaurants to 500, Cicis became the fastest growing pizza restaurant around the country.

Cici's Pizza

In 2003, our founder Joe Croce retired, the pizza shop was owned by Craig Moore, who was the general manager of the Dallas area. During these years, Craig Moore became the vice president of Cicis, he worked in Cicis for around 17 years, later the company was handed over to Michael Shumsky, who was the boss of La Madeleine.

Cici's Pizza

In 2012, the first Cicis store of New York was opened. We already had 600 restaurants, and decided to open 500 restaurants within next ten years.

Cici's Pizza

Thanks to the efforts we made, we were widely recognized from authorities. Like we were announced one of the 25 best brands in the US by Wall Street Journal and the top 200 franchise concept by Franchise Today. Ten years later, we were listed by Men's Health as one of its "healthy restaurants in the United States.

Cici's Pizza Guest Visit Survey Prize

Then and now, we proudly invite our Guests to expand their palates and find the flavors they love on our Unlimited Pizza Buffet. So, we need to know about what you think to add items in our restaurants. We want to know what customers think, we want to be a better restaurant, so the feedback of customers is needed for us to make sure that every detail of the restaurant is perfect, every step meets customers’ needs. Tell us what you think, tell us which flavor you would like to see in Cicis future. We value your feedback and give thanks for your time to take our survey.

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Using the CiCi’s coupon, you can enjoy the meal in Cici’s restaurant. There are many different flavors in Cici’s Pizza shop, like ham pineapple, Bacon cheese, Italian salami, cheese steak, spinach cream cheese. You can also enjoy beverage and dessert in the restaurant. Enjoy the meal with some of your friends in Cici’s Pizza, using the coupon could save you a lot of money. You can also give it to others when you do not have enough time to use it.

How to Join Cici's Pizza Guest Visit Survey

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1- Enter CiCi’s Pizza survey website at: www.cicisvisit.com.

2- You can choose English or Spanish to start the survey.

3- Find the store number on your receipt and enter it.

4- Please answer the survey questions one by one, you can also add more information and details.

5- After finish the survey, there will be a CiCi’s Pizza coupon displayed on the screen. Write it down on your store receipt or survey invitation, remember to bring it next time you visit the store.

Cici's Pizza Guest Visit Survey Rules

No limited rule.

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Cici's Pizza Official Website: www.cicis.com


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