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Owned by Giant Eagle, GetGo is an American convenience store chain, now you can find the stores in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. GetGo is a unique convenience store, there are many existing convenience stores in America which sells gas under a generic identity, however, GetGo has its own identity, it even used "Giant Eagle Fuel" before.

The story of GetGo begun on a convenience store chain called Cross Roads, which is the origin of GetGo. At that time, Cross Roads was a retail chain of retail of Guttman Oil Company of Pennsylvania, it was popular around Pittsburgh city, they attained a lot of loyal guests, providing gas under its own brand and identity. Seven-Eleven, Sheetz and other stores are the main competitors of Cross Roads, but it operated well under the stress of the market.


In 2001, Giant Eagle, which was a local supermarket decided to operate some of the gas stations at the supermarkets, using the brand as "Giant Eagle Fuel". We could say that Giant Eagle was the pioneer of operating gas stations inside supermarket, our gas stations only sold gas at that time.


Two years later, Giant Eagle made a fateful decision: They bought various Cross Roads stations from Guttman. This step was important for today's GetGo, because after the combination, the company decided to use the name of GetGo. Some months later, Giant Eagle purchased gas stations from Shell, which was convenient for the market of Cleveland, Columbus, Akron and Youngstown. After the big changes of our company, many GetGo's stores appeared, nowadays, although Guttman Oil still offer oil to GetGo, however, in 2005, it sold its stake to Giant Eagle, GetGo became a subsidiary of Giant Eagle, Giant Eagle owned all GetGo stores, it operates all the stores directly, there is no franchisee relation between the two company.


In the same year, we meet a big competitor: Sheetz expanded its business rapidly, we needed to take some action to respond the change of the market. We opened GetGo convenience stores in a wide range of locations, inside and outside Pennsylvania. Some months later, our parent company bought 56 Ricker's convenience stores, making GetGo much stronger than ever before. There are many uncertain factors in the market, but we are ready to meet the changes in the future.


GetGo Guest Survey Prize

GetGo welcomes you to take part in their customer satisfaction survey. It wants to know what customer's think, it wants to be a better store chain, so it needs to collect the feedback of customers to make sure that every detail of the store is perfect, to make sure that every step meets customers’ needs. One of the mission of GetGo is to provide better service to their customers, arranging survey is a way to know about the quality of their current service. You will have the chance to win a $2,000 gift card after finishing the survey.

Description Detail
Prize $2,000 gift card
Age limitation 18+
Survey limitation One entry per person
On line or Off line participation on line

With $2,000 gift card, you can buy many things in GetGo. If you could find a GetGo convenience store near your company, you can buy food, drinks, fast food in the stores on your daily life. If you drove car from your office to home, you can also use the card to buy gas. $2,000 is a big amount of money, you can use it many times. If you live with your parents, we also suggest you to give the card to them, they can buy dairy products everyday for the family.

How to Join GetGo Guest Survey

Survey Page

1- Visit www.getgolistens.com.

2- Find the survey code located on the receipt.

3- Answer those questions about your recent visit to GetGo.

4- Rate your answers as you go.

5- Enter your personal details.

6- Enter the sweepstakes and submit the survey.

GetGo Guest Survey Rules

1- Participants should be U.S. residents of Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or West Virginia (including the District of Columbia) who are 18 or older.

2- The limitation is 1 entry person per mailing and/or e-mail address per calendar month.

3- Limit 1 prize per person per household.

4- There will be 1 Prize Winner in each monthly prize drawing.

5- Purchases of alcohol, tobacco, milk, and prescription drugs are excluded when Giant Eagle gift cards are provided as prizes.

6- You can check complete GetGo Customer Satisfaction Survey Official Rules.

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GetGo Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: www.getgolistens.com

GetGo Official Site: www.get-go.com


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