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About Houlihan's Guest Feedback Survey

Houlihan's is a very famous restaurant around the country, it provides a wide range of food, like chicken, mushroom, fresh vegetables and fruits, cold beverage. Cocktails are recommended in Houlihan's, they are unique and fresh. The service of Houlihan's is also famous, all of the staff in the restaurants are warm and welcome, you can receive the warmly smile in every aisle in Houlihan's. There are many locations of Houlihan's, you can enjoy your meal in many places of the country.


There are many short interesting stories of Houlihan's. When there was a lady decided to have early dinner at Houlihan's with her husband, they found that the place was really quiet at late noon of workday. However, their waiter was very sweet, giving them many time to choose the menu, answering every question with patience. As they did not desire to have a big meal, they only choose salmon and fillet. They enjoyed their entrées very much, and were impressed by the vegetables provided along with the meal. They thought the experience in Houlihan's was really nice and decided to come back next time.


The other story is about a guest who had dinner on St. Pats day. He came in and was greeted warmly when taken to the table. However, at that time, nearly all the waiters are busy, he waited for a few minutes and nobody came to serve him. As Houlihan's cares about their customers' experience, the manager came and apologized for him, later he was served by the manager himself.

There are also customers who come and have dinner on weekends. On Saturday or Sunday, Houlihan's is full of people, guests should wait for tables. One of the guests waited for the table for nearly half an hour, so he decided to have some cocktail in the bar, as the beverage in Houlihan's is really nice. The bar was full of people at that time, but the waiters were efficient and pleasant. They really enjoy the experience although they wait for more than half an hour for the food.


The last little story is about a couple. They said that they love the atmosphere of the restaurant very much, they really enjoy the foods, like the mushrooms, which were juicy and fresh, and the chicken egg rolls, the flavor of which was good. They ordered a lot of foods in Houlihan's, they were very pleasant and enjoyed themselves.

Houlihan's Guest Feedback Survey Prize

Houlihan's thanks for the support of its guests, it appreciates every customer. Every suggestion will be valued carefully, every criticism will be treated earnestly. After completing this survey, you will receive a validation code to get discount offer, which is the gratitude of Houlihan's. Houlihan's wants to know what customers think, it wants to be a better restaurant, so it needs to collect the feedback of customers to make sure that every detail of the restaurant is perfect, to make sure that every step meets customers' needs.

Description Detail
Prize a validation code to get discount offer
Receipt validity period 15 days
On line or Off line participation on line

You can keep the validation code and use it at anytime when you go to Houlihan's again. Houlihan's really value your feedback about their serving, food, atmosphere and so on.

How to Join Houlihan's Guest Feedback Survey

survey page

1- Enter www.houlihansfeedback.com.

2- Enter the details, and click Start.

3- The survey can’t be started without the info above.

4- The survey includes 10-15 small questions. Please answer all of the questions referring to your experience.

5- You can also skip questions but we do not recommend you to do that.

6- After finishing the survey, you will have an opportunity to win a surprise gift.

7- The ID code can be redeemed within 15 days.

Houlihan's Guest Feedback Survey Rules

1- You can only take the survey once per day.

2- After receiving your validation code, you can write it on your receipt to enjoy the offer during your next visit.

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Houlihan's customers satisfaction survey: www.houlihansfeedback.com

Houlihan's official website: www.houlihans.com


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