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50 years ago, the first Huddle House was opened in Decatur, Georgia, from that time, Huddle House dedicated to provide home-made meal. They offer sausage, bacon, fresh waffles, cheese hamburgers crisp vegetables and other delicious food. It is a restaurant which gathers friends and family, people love getting together in Huddle House, because the atmosphere is good, they provide quality food with the best service to every customer. Huddle House knows that everyone loves home-cooked meal, so they focus on providing Homestyle meal, every ingredient is fresh, every dish is hot, you can feel that Huddle House is your own home.

On Tuesday, June 25, Huddle House Sweetens celebrated our second annual national sweet cakes day. This is the most delicious festival around the year, just happening in our Homestyle restaurant.

Huddle House

At that day, we provided free Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Sweet Cake pancakes to celebrate the big festive day, customers who are Huddle House Email & SMS club members, or who are following our social media like Instagram, Facebook, could get the free cake code, they came to Huddle House, using the offer which are on their phone or email to get the cake.

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Glenn Delaney said that our customers like our delicious and fluffy sweet cakes very much, since the sweet cakes were on sale two years ago, we were glad to find that they would not choose anything else for breakfast, as we continue to provide them hot and fresh cake. We called our sweet cakes "pancakes perfected", we want to let more and more people know about our sweet cakes, so we arranged the National Sweet Cakes Day again, introducing our perfect sweet cakes to others.

Huddle House

Not only sweet cakes, we provide all food with high quality and were really to serve at any time. One of our slogan is "Any Meal, Any Time", National Sweet Cakes Day is also a way to introduce our culture to customers, to tell them Huddle House is a place which brings families and friends together, our services are also warm and welcome, preparing Homestyle food with friendly service. That is the secret about why we succeed.

Huddle House

Nearly every of our Huddle House store celebrated the National Sweet Cakes Day, in order to cover the needs of our guests, we provided the free sweet cakes all the day, for breakfast, lunch, supper and even in late night.

Huddle House Survey Prize

Huddle House arranged a customer satisfaction survey to collect feedbacks of their customers. To provide better food and better service, they desire to know which part of Huddle House should be improved. If the service is good? If the environment is friendly and clean enough? Are services warm and welcome? Huddle House will provide the best meal to every guest, so they appreciate you could give them some advice. Criticisms are also welcomed, after finishing the survey, they will provide you a prize as reward. Come and take the survey.

Description Detail
Prize $1,500
On line or Off line participation on line

With the $1,500 big prize, you can have meals in Huddle House for many times. Sausage, bacon, fresh waffles, cheese hamburgers crisp vegetables which are made from the kitchen of Huddle House are with high quality and low price. Sausage is highly recommended by many of Huddle House's customers, you can enjoy it in the restaurant. You can try some of them using the prize. As $1,500 is a lot of money, you can also do something else.

How to Join Huddle House Survey

survey page

1-Enter www.huddlecares.com.

2-Find the 3 digit store code from your survey receipt and enter.

3-Enter the date and time of your visit.

4-Answer every question about your recent meal at Huddle House. Rate each question according to your experience.

5-After finishing the survey, a coupon code will be displayed.

6-Write down the coupon code on your store receipt or survey invitation.

7-Show the coupon code to the waiter on your next visit at Huddle House.

Huddle House Survey Rules

Purchase is needed to enter the survey.

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Huddle House Customers Satisfaction Survey: www.huddlecares.com

Huddle House Official Website: www.huddlehouse.com


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