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About HoneyBaked Feedback Survey

HoneyBaked is a famous and successful restaurant in the U.S. It offers a series of unique HoneyBaked products, for example, the Honey Baked Ham, turkey breasts, and desserts which is made by HoneyBaked, you cannot enjoy it in other places. They have their special way to success. First, they have a very strict selection process, they choose the best materials. And then, they smoked the meat for nearly a day with their special chips. The result is that every dish in HoneyBaked is special and rich.

We have our different Mission and value. The first one is Treat Customers Like Gold. We provide prompt, kind, friendly service to all our customers, we want to meet our customers' demands and even exceed their expectations. When we have errors, we will try our best to correct it, we treat every customer kindly.

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The second value is to treat everyone with respect. Not only our guests, but also our team has positive relationships, we believe that a respectful workplace is important, so we talk to each other, admit and rectify our error and move on. We are inclusive and collaborate as a team when respecting others time.

We would also like to do the right thing. All of our staff are taking pride in our work, we are always transparent in our dealings. When we recognize that we didn't satisfy everyone, we seek for win/win solutions, we want to provide the best service to our guests.

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The forth thing is that we deliver quality & growth worthy of the brand. We provide quality products, service and support which make every occasion special. We do all the things to build the brand of HoneyBaked.

The last one is to make a difference and have some fun. We commit to make a positive difference for HoneyBaked, shareholders, our fellow associates, our franchisees, our communities and our customers. We want to celebrate our successes and win together.

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HoneyBaked Feedback Survey Prize

HoneyBaked welcome your candid feedback. In order to make sure that every detail of the restaurant is perfect, every step meets customers' needs, HoneyBaked arranged a series of questions for their customers. Please answer all the questions referring to your experience and knowledge. Thanks for the efforts you made, every single word of you could makes us success. We really need your advice to become a better HoneyBaked.

Description Detail
Prize Free Sandwich
Survey code validity period 7 Days
On line or Off line participation On line

After finishing the survey, you could get a free sandwich as a reward. You can have it on breakfast, lunch time, dinner time, or just take-away. You can choose the flavor you like, or give the free sandwich to your friends.

How to Join HoneyBaked Feedback Survey

Survey Page

1- Enter www.myhoneybakedfeedback.com

2- Finding the details on your receipt and click Start.

3- Please answer all the questions referring to your knowledge.

4- After finishing the honeybaked survey, you may provide your contact information for contest drawing.

HoneyBaked Feedback Survey Rules

1- Choose the "Go to Win" button to be redirected to the survey page.

2- Please follow the instructions and offer required information to start taking the survey.

3- After finishing the survey, a validation code will be given to you.

Reference Links

Honey Baked Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.myhoneybakedfeedback.com

Honey Baked Official Site: www.honeybaked.com


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