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Perkins was founded in 1958, it is a Chinese style restaurant in Canada, now it has 400 restaurants in 33 states around Canada.

Perkins is a big business success, now it operates 134 company-owned restaurants, the franchise now reaches to 266 around the country. Perkins is not only a restaurant, it is also like a factory, which produce pies, pancake mixes, cookie dough, and muffin batter for in-store bakeries. That is why we also call Perkins "Perkins Restaurant & Bakery"

There was a story about Perkins origin.

60 years ago, Perkins was not a restaurant, it was only a small pancake house. However, due to the material and the taste was good, many local people love it, there was always been a long line waiting for buying the pancake. In 1958s, there were two man called Matt and Ivan, felt curious about the pancake store and came in, they made a deal with the owner of Perkins-Smitty, that they could bring the secret receipt of pancake the Mississippi.

The first Perkins Pancake Store was opened in Cincinnati, Ohio, using the delicious receipt, accompanied by the warmly service, Perkins developed quickly and became the most famous bakery in Ohio.

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The expansion started from 1958s to 1966s, two friends: Matt and Ivan made a decision to add more items to their pancake house, because they thought that only pancake was not enough to meet customers' needs. Later in 1966s, people can enjoy sandwiches and salad in Perkins, at the same time, they begun to try franchising. Perkins developed very fast during those years, more and more Perkins opened in Canada, nearly everyone knew about the name of Perkin Pancake House.

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After changing the owner of Perkins, later in 1981s, Perkins meet a big chance, more foods were added to the bakery, from steak, fish, chicken, to dessert, drink. That year, Perkins changed its name to Perkin's Cake & Steak. The pancake house developed into a restaurant, there were a variety of food in Perkin's Cake & Steak, the company focus on the restaurant from now on, that is the origin of today's Perkin Restaurant.

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Perkins Feedback Survey Prize

At Perkins they are dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Perkins needs to collect the feedback of customers to make sure that every detail of the restaurant is perfect, to make sure that every step meets customers' needs.

Perkins thanks for the support of its guests, it appreciates every customer. Every suggestion will be valued carefully, every criticism will be treated earnestly. You can pick the appropriate link to contact Perkins about your questions, comments or concerns.

Description Detail
Prize 10% Discount
Survey code validity period 7 Days
On line or Off line participation On line

Next time you visit Perkins, you can use the discount code to get a 10% discount. With 10% discount, you can save a lot of money. If you want to have meal with your friends and family, remember to take the discount code, it will help you save a lot of money.

How to Join Perkins Feedback Survey

Survey Page

1- Enter www.perkinsexperiencesurvey.com

2- Find the details on the receipt and click "start".

3- Please answer all the questions referring to your knowledge.

4- After completing the survey, please provide your contact information for contest drawing.

Perkins Feedback Survey Rules

1- To visit the survey website, please Click on the "Go to Win" button.

2- Before you start taking the survey, please provide the survey code located on your receipt.

3- After finishing the survey, you will find your validation code on the screen.

Reference Links

Perkins Guest Experience Survey Link (15-digit code): www.perkinsexperiencesurvey.com

Perkins Guest Experience Survey Link (none 15-digit code): www.perkinsfeedback.com

Perkins Survey Rules: www.perkinsrestaurants.com/sweeps

Perkins Official Site: www.perkinsrestaurants.com


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