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P.F. Chang's was founded in 1993, there were two founders: Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming, making it an Asian style restaurant. Nowadays, P.F. Chang's meet a huge success, it operates more than 210 restaurants in America, 95 restaurants in 25 countries all around the world. Chefs in P.F. Chang's are professional and special, they have been hand-rolling dim sum, hand chopping and slicing all vegetables and meats, scratch cooking every sauce and wok-cooking each dish, every day in every restaurant.

Our philosophy for making food from scratch using purposeful ingredients and the time-honored tradition of wok cooking.

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Since the day we opened, farm to Wok has been our food philosophy. We hand-roll dim sum, hand-slice meat, hand-chop vegetables, and hand-roll sushi. Especially dumplings and egg rolls, they are made from scratch. We have a scratch kitchen which contains native cooking methods, simple tools, hard working chefs, a bounty of whole ingredients.

We promise everything is fresh and nothing is precooked.

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Our food is never cluttered. According to our customers flavor and their nutritional benefits, our recipes are intentionally selected with a few, clean ingredients. Our chefs and farmers are talented and caring, they make all these ingredients come together in perfect balance.

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We also have Asian-inspired wok-fired. Each wok recipe is purely crafted using the power of the 2,000-year-old Asian tradition that is wok cooking, it can reach 700-degree. The secret to wok cooking is the intense flame that consistently cooks meat and vegetables in a matter of seconds, so food retains its nutritional value.

As traditional Asian food, we use green onions in many recipes, like sauces, salads, sushi, and Mongolian Beef. We are very lucky to receive fresh, nutritious green onions from Muranaka Farm. We're just as intentional about the ingredients we use as the people who grow them.

P.F. Chang’s Feedback Survey Prize

P.F. Chang's is a nice restaurant, and it wants to be a better one. So, customers' suggestions are need to improve itself. P.F. Chang's is sure about that every suggestion will be valued carefully, every criticism will be treated earnestly, it appreciates every customer for the suggestions.

You will have the opportunity to get a $100 discount card after finishing this survey.

Description Detail
Prize $100 discount card
Coupon code validity period 30 Days
On line or Off line participation On line

Customers can use the card in the restaurant or give the card to people in need. P.F.Chang's has hand-roll dim sum, hand-slice meat, hand-chop vegetables, and hand-roll sushi. Especially dumplings and egg rolls, they are made from scratch. With a $100 discount card, you can enjoy all these food because food in P.F.Chang's is affordable but also make sure the high quality. $100 discount card is also a good gift for your friend.

How to Join P.F. Chang’s Feedback Survey

Survey Page

1- Enter www.pfchangsfeedback.com

2- Find the 15-digit survey code on your receipt, and time and click "start".

3- The survey can not started without the info above.

4- The survey contains 10-15 small questions.

5- please answer all of the questions referring to your experience and your knowledge.

6- After finishing the survey, you will be given a special code, you can use it to win a $100 discount card.

7- The coupon code can be redeemed within 30 days.

P.F. Chang’s Feedback Survey Rules

No special rules applied. Remember to redeem the validation code and write down it on your receipt for your next visit.

Reference Links

P.F.Chang's Customer Satisfaction Survey link: www.pfchangsfeedback.com

P.F.Chang's official website: www.thekrogerco.com


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I believe you misspelled the word "Weich" on your website. I had a customer point out an issue with my site recently which I was grateful for so I'm returning the favor :). Uncaught errors can ruin a website's credibility. In the past I used a tool called SpellScan.com to help. There are other ones as well, but I don't remember the names because they weren't as good. You could probably find them on Google if you're curious. -Michelle

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