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Sonic is a drive-in fast-food restaurant chain, which is located in Oklahoma City of Oklahoma. Sonic is a part of Inspire Brands, which is owned by Arby's and Buffalo Wild Wings. Nowadays, Sonic made a big success, at the end of 2018, it operated more than 3,600 Sonic stores in 45 states of America. It has received many awards, like being announced the top 50 quick-service and fast-casual restaurant brands in the nation. Sonic provides a wide range of food, like burgers, French fries, chili and corn dogs, onion rings, breakfast sandwiches are more. There are also many options of drink, like slushes, soft drinks, milkshakes. The beverage is customized, you can add items to make drink combinations.


Our founder is Troy N. Smith, he opened the first Sonic Drive-In during the Second World War. He was a milkman in Seminole, Oklahoma, but made a decision to deliver bread because it is much easier. Later, Troy bought a Cottage Café, and some months later, he left the coffee shop and opened a fast food restaurant. It was a restaurant which selling chicken, the name of which was Top Hat. He sold half of the business to his partner, they operated the restaurant continually and turn it into a steak house. Smith found that hamburgers, hot dogs, root beer were the best-selling items of the restaurants, so he made a decision: Pay more attention to those profitable things.


At the very beginning, Top Hat guests could park their cars anywhere on the parking lot and walk to the restaurant to buy food. Later when Smith visited Louisiana, he noticed a drive-in service and showed great interests in that area. He thought that this is a way to sell more things within much little time, guests could order their meal from the cars, and the staff of the restaurants could deliver the food directly to them, they do not need to get out of the car and walk in the restaurant for ordering the foods.


Later, Smith borrowed some cars to establish a layout for the parking lot, he also had many jukebox boys and an intercom system. The decision was correct, they made a big success. An entrepreneur called Charles Woodrow Pappe had interests in this drive-in system, he made a deal with Smith and opened the first franchise in Woodward, Oklahoma. The restaurants continued to develop, it became much more famous than before.

Sonic Customer Survey Prize

Sonic welcomes your feedback. To know about what customers think, they arranged a survey with a series of questions. To become a better Sonic, it needs to improve itself constantly, so they need to know if the food and services are good enough for customers. Take the survey and tell them about your experience in Sonic, tell them which food and beverage you would like to try in Sonic. They appreciate your words, and many thanks to the time and effort you made to the survey.

Description Detail
Prize Sonic Soda Code
Receipt validity period 14 days
Code validity period 60 days
On line or Off line participation on line

Sonic provides a wide range of food, like burgers, French fries, chili and corn dogs, onion rings, breakfast sandwiches and more. Using the code, you can enjoy one free drink. Sonic is famous for its burgers, and the unique thing of Sonic is the drive-through service, most of people enjoy the meal of Sonic through the parking lot. Try the service and take the free drink with you, it could be a very nice experience.

How to Join Sonic Customer Survey

survey page

1- Enter www.talktosonic.com survey website.

2- Enter the ID number, you can find it at the bottom of your store receipt.

3- Please answer each of the survey questions rating them on a scale referring to your experience.

4- After completing the survey questions, there are some general demographic questions to answer.

5- After finishing all the questions, there is a validation code displayed on your screen.

6- Write the code onto your store receipt and redeem on your next visit for the offer printed on the receipt.

Sonic Customer Survey Rules

1- Take the survey within 14 days after the date of your receipt.

2- The code must be used within 60 days.

3- One receipt can only be used to redeem one free drink.

4- Each person can only redeem once during one visit.

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Sonic Drive In Customers Satisfaction Survey: www.talktosonic.com 

Sonic Drive In Official Website: www.sonicdrivein.com


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