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Fazoli’s is one of the most popular restaurants around the America, nowadays, Fazoli’s has 220 restaurants in 28 states. People loves eating in Fazoli’s, because of its quality food and the warm service. This year, Fazoli’s notified that the annual sales of the company increase 140% during the year, and they opened 10 more new stores within just one year. They also made 3 franchise contracts, setting a sales record at the opening of the newest stores.

We would like to say that we made a historical success. Thanks to the efforts we made, we made our brand and franchisees a success. Our president, who is the CEO of Fazoli’s, Carl Howard said that we made a new record of sales, and we opened more restaurants since 2012. Thanks to the franchisees, we could open our store to many of the locations in the United States. Some of the menus and items are also introduced to our Breadstick Sliders.


The latest Fazoli’s restaurant was opened in Hazard, Kentucky, we are proud to say that our sales have reached to $100,000 per week, which is the newest record of Fazoli’s. Besides, we have opened 3 Fazoli’s franchise, which lead an 11% sales growth within one year.

Not only we run the business, but also we focus on our customers, which also lead us to success. We made a new loyalty program, last year we already had 300,000+ members of the program. Third-party delivery was introduced as a portion of the test, thanks to the decision we made, the results showed that the sales raised 2% due to the third-party delivery channels.


Snacks and Shareables are also reasons which lead us to success. The Snacks and Sharebales help us increase 10% of our sales. The main propose of Snacks and Shareables is to increase the sales of drive traffic.

Now it is the time we celebrate our 30th birthday. Fazoli’s never stopping developing ourselves, we continue to satisfy our customers. We are proud of the success we made, but we know that the core of our business is our guests. We want to provide new menu constantly, to make sure that our guests could enjoy our new food in our restaurants.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary, Fazoli’s made a donation to the children in need. We provided 1,500+ books to the students, we offered books to the libraries of local school in Lexington, Ky. During our charity program, we have raised $425,000 in cash, $110,000 donations, and 12 tons of food to those children.

Fazoli's Customer Survey Prize

Fazoli’s knows that the core of the business is the customers. So, they arranged a survey to know what customers think. They want to provide better menu and better service to their customers to make sure that they would come back to have meal. They appreciate your efforts, please take the survey and give them some of the advices and criticism. They value each word of you, because it is your suggestions that made them success. Fazoli’s will give you a free product as the rewards.

Description Detail
Prize free spaghetti
Receipt validity period 14 days
On line or Off line participation on line

After finishing the survey, you will win a free spaghetti marinara when purchasing a drink. The spaghetti marinara is one of the best-selling food in Fazoli’s, when you get the free spaghetti code, just come to Fazoli’s to buy a drink, you can choose whatever you like, like coca cola, spirit, mineral water, cocktail. After purchasing the drink, you can get the spaghetti free. Enjoy yourself in Fazoli’s with your prize!

How to Join Fazoli's Customer Survey

survey page

1- Enter Fazoli’s survey at www.tellfazolis.com

2- Enter the details, and then click Start.

3- The survey can’t be started without the info above.

4- There are about 10 -15 small questions in the survey, please answer all of the questions referring to your knowledge.

5- You can also skip questions but we are not recommended to do it.

6- After finishing the survey, you will win a free spaghetti marinara when purchasing a drink.

7- The ID code can be redeemed within 14 days.

Fazoli's Customer Survey Rules

1- When you receive the code, you need to write it on the TOP of your receipt to redeem the offer.

2- The offer is only valid for 14 days.

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