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Souplantation is a name of fresh salads and soups. Each restaurant has a large salad bar, with homemade soup, bread and cake, pasta, pizzas and so on. All materials in Souplantation are absolutely fresh, all ingredients were provided with good quality. Souplantation provides food for lunch and dinner, it is a place of innovation, making their guests able to enjoy the farm-fresh food in every moment. Nowadays, Souplantation has opened in various places throughout American West and Southwest, there are also some stores in Southeast America, including 23 stores in Florida. All Souplantation stores are company-owned.


In 1978 in San Diego, there were two guys who wanted to open a space for eating healthy, they wanted to build a place where possibilities were endless. They made a decision to open a restaurant with a wide range of choices, guests can select fresh vegetables and fruits, soups and bread made from scratch, all of the products inside the restaurants were made in homemade style. The restaurant is not just a space to have meal, it could be a place where gathers farm and families, leading a fresh experience to everyone.


With that concept, the first Souplantation was opened on Mission Gorge Road. Five years later, we had our second restaurant and those two were sold to Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp, which was a company founded by Michael Mack.


Souplantation meet our customers needs and developed rapidly, at the end of 2016, we have 104 locations throughout the America. Inside our salad bar, we provide a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other items. We also provide prepared salads for our guests, which were changed every month. Besides salad, we offer 8 soup selections, pasta and sauces, and bakery which contains bread, muffins, pizzas as well. As for the dessert, we offer puddings, seasonal fruits, ice cream and so on. We change our featured menu frequently, but we never change the standard offering.


We decided to do some innovation to our restaurant. In 2011, we made the first quick-serve restaurant in Carlsbad, California, which is named Souplantation Express. We also tried to open some of our restaurants on Sunday morning for breakfast. In 2017, we were purchased by Cerberus Capital Management, which is a private investment company of New York, the Souplantation continued to develop, today, we operate 97 restaurants and attract millions of guests. We have developed to a salad bar and buffet destination full of fresh food.

TellGardenFresh Souplantation Guest Survey Prize

Souplantation is a space where customers can eat healthily, they wanted to build a place where possibilities were endless. In order to provide better service and food, Souplantation arranged a customers satisfaction survey, it needs to collect the feedback of customers to make sure that every detail of the restaurant is perfect, to make sure that every step meets customers’ needs. After completing this survey, you will have the opportunity to get a 15% off coupon, which is the gratitude of Souplantation.

Description Detail
Prize 15% off coupon
Coupon code validity period 15 Days
On line or Off line participation On line

You can use the 15% off coupon to enjoy a wide range of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other items. Souplantation also provides prepared salads, you can buy it with this coupon. You can also try 8 types of soup, pasta and sauces, and bakery which contains bread, muffins, pizzas. As foods in Souplantation are affordable, it will not cost you a lot money to buy them. You can also give the coupon as a gift to your friend.

How to Join TellGardenFresh Souplantation Guest Survey

survey page

1- Enter www.tellgardenfresh.com

2- Enter the details, and click Start.

3- The survey can't be started without the info above.

4- The survey includes 10-15 small questions, please answer all of the questions referring to your knowledge.

5- You can also skip questions but that is not recommended.

6- After finishing the survey, you will have the chance to win a discount coupon.

7- The ID code can be redeemed within 15 days.

TellGardenFresh Souplantation Guest Survey Rules

No special rules. Just remember to write down the validation code on your receipt for your next visit.

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Souplantation Guest Satisfaction Survey Link: www.tellgardenfresh.com

Souplantation Official Site: www.souplantation.com


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