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There are two founders of Subway: Fred and Peter, they opened the first subway in 1965 in Connecticut, the United States. Subway is a restaurant chain which provides 12-inch and 6-inch sandwiches, nowadays, it operates 34,218 stores in more than 90 countries. It is one of the fast-growing restaurant chain around the world. As the world's largest single-brand fast food franchise chain, the company has honored the "Top 500 Franchise Companies" in the world. It is the genuine pioneer in fast food industry.


The origin of Subway is unique. In Fredbridge, Connecticut in 1965, our founder, Fred Deluca just left his high school and had the willingness to study in the university. However, the fee was too high, despite his hard-working, efficient, it is still hard to earn enough money to enter the university.

He asked some suggestions from Dr. Peter Buck, who was one of his friends, Fred Deluca told Peter he wanted to study in the university to become a doctor, he wished that Peter would borrow some money to him. However, Dr. Buck told him, he thought he could open a submarine sandwich restaurant.


Fred agreed with Peter when he knew that opening the sandwich restaurant would pay his future tuition. So, Fred and Peter made a promise, they became partner for running the business of the first Subway.

The first day of Subway store was opened, the sandwich store attracted a lot of people. Later, the restaurants continued to develop, within ten years, Fred and Peter decided to open 32 Subway stores around the America. In 1974, only 8 years later, they already had 16 Subway stores in Connecticut, the United States.


Fred and Peter made a decision to expand their company by franchising, which was ignored by them at the very beginning. They though franchise could help them achieve the goal. So, they met one of Fred's friends, Brian Dixon, they borrowed him some money to ask him to buy a fast food stores. Fred also told Brain that if he didn't love the industry, he could also return the store.


Thanks to the effort of franchise, not only did Peter and Fred opened 36 restaurants within 10 years, they also expanded the company with a very fast speed. The Subway became much more famous than before, they owned a lot of honors and award.

Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey Prize

Subway is the world's largest single-brand fast food franchise chain, it pays attention to customers' experience. So, they made a survey to collect feedback of its guests, they want to know which part of the service is good or bad, which flavor of the food their customers love more. They also want to develop new menu, so come and take the survey to tell them about your idea, the only purpose is to provide better food and service to you. Thanks for your time for taking the survey, a prize will be given to you after completing the survey.

Description Detail
Prize free cookie
Receipt validity period 30 days
On line or Off line participation on line

You will be given a free subway cookie after finishing the survey. You can take it next time you visit Subway to have meal, the taste of the cookie is really nice, you can save money when using the free cookie code.

How to Join Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey

1- Enter www.tellsubway.com on your device.

2- Choose your store location.

3- Please check the Terms of the website and the Privacy Policy. 

4- Enter the store ID when it hasn't automatically shown.

5- Enter the date of your visit, you can find it on your receipt.

6- Your survey questions will be like: a. How likely are you to recommend this SUBWAY® Restaurant to a friend or colleague?   b. How satisfied were you with your overall experience today?

7- Rate these questions on a scale of 1 to 10 being; (10=very satisfied, 0=not at all satisfied).

8- After finishing the survey you will be asked for your email address where you will be sent the validation code for your free subway cookie.

Subway Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

1- You need to provide the store number to enter the survey.

2- Please take the survey within 30 days after your visit.

3- After finishing the survey, you will get a coupon code which is sent to your email address. You can use the coupon code to enjoy the discount on your next visit.

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