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Tesco is one of the most famous supermarket in the world, everybody knows its name, it is one of the leaders of supermarket industry. The founder of Tesco is Jack Cohen, at first, he invested a grocery store in 1919 in London, 5 years later, he developed his private label product: Tesco Tea, which is the origin of Tesco supermarket. In 1929, the first Tesco store opened in London, it was a big success, only one year later there were more than 100 Tesco supermarkets in London. The company changed when Jack traveled to the United States, he found that American self-service supermarket had huge potential, he decided to use the same model. Thanks for the decision he made, in 1947, the first American-style Tesco was opened, the company became famous at the same time.


There is a story named "Carbon Road Future" in Tesco, which leads emission reduction and energy saving to our company.

The second "Retail Development Forum for Sustainable Development" was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China in April 2012, the goal of the forum is to offer a place for retail companies, stakeholders, associations and government to communicate with each other to fight climate change.


Tesco wants to lead a "Carbon Road Future", as a retail company, we know about our responsibility to fight climate change, we promise to emit zero carbon by 2050, it is our goal but not only our goal, because it is the thing which needs all parties to join. That is the reason why we work closely with suppliers, administrators, and our customers, we need to achieve our goal together. We believe that China is a nice market, large-scale green consumption can be promoted in that country. Large-scale green consumption doesn't mean that you need to consume less products, but to consume in a greener way, using sustainable method. We have help a lot of countries to transform their companies into a greener one by offering information to our guests, and rewards to make them sustainable.


In Jiashan, Zhejiang in 2011, we built a large-scale sustainable logistics center. We changed the refrigerant, using carbon dioxide instead of Freon in our stores in Shanghai Jidong Store and Beijing Daxing Jinxing Store. Thanks to the efforts we made, the use of Freon and greenhouse gas emissions were reduced quickly, nowadays, nearly all Tesco stores are energy-saving stores, which are energy efficient than the old ones.

Tesco Views Survey Prize

As one of the most famous supermarkets around the world, we believe that the most important thing is our customers. We want to know what our customers think, we need to follow their suggestions and ideas to correct and develop ourselves. We really want to collect your words, which is really meaning for us, so we made a Tesco survey, it won't take you a lot of time, we appreciate the efforts you made to make us become better, we will offer you a gift as the rewards.

Description Detail
Prize $1,000 gift card
On line or Off line participation On line
Survey Limitation Limit one prize per person

You can use the gift card to buy everything in Tesco, from bread to dairy, fruits to vegetable, even flowers, television, computer. Things in Tesco are affordable, you can use $1,000 many times, to buy many different types of products. If $1,000 is too much to you, you can give the card as a gift to your parents.

How to Join Tesco Views Survey

Survey Page

1- Visit www.tescoviews.com website.

2- Find 4 digit code from your store receipt. Fill it in the space provided.

3- Enter the Tesco survey.

4- Answer all of the survey questions referring to your knowledge and experience.

5- After completing the survey, please enter your personal details. If you are a lucky winner of the £1,000 Tesco Gift Card, you will be contacted.

Tesco Views Survey Rules

1- No purchase needed.

2- Participants should be UK residents aged 18 or over.

3- The Limitation is one survey entry per household, per week.

4- You could only get one prize per household.

5- You can check the complete Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Terms and Conditions for all information.

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Tesco Customer Opinion Survey: www.tescoviews.com

Tesco Customer Opinion Survey Official Rules: www.tescoviews.com/tesco/desktop/rules.do

Tesco Official Site: www.tesco.com


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