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Marks & Spencer is currently the largest clothing retailer in the United Kingdom, it was founded in 1894, with 800 stores and 76,000 employees around the world. Local people loves Marks & Spencer, in UK there exists a flagship store, every year there are more than 21 million people visit it for clothing and for food. Nowadays, Marks & Spencer try to open Chinese market, it started the first retail store in Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, China.

About 100 years ago, Marks & Spencer was just a little stall, the founder-Michael Marks opened it in Leeds, U.K. All the items in Marks store were sold in only one penny, products are very cheap here, so it attracted many local people to buy things. The slogan "no need to ask for price, only one penny" became famous. The famous Marks & Spencer was born on September 28, 1894, when Michael invited Tom Spencer to join. However, at that time, Marks & Spencer was just a small market in Leeds. Some years later, in 1894, Michelle worked with the cashier of a cashier at Dewhirst: Thomas Spencer, who became the largest supplier to Marks & Spencer. At that time, the first complete store of Michael Marks was opened, Marks & Spencer opened its new history.


After our founder Max and Spencer passed away, Simon Marks became the chairman, who is the son of Max. Simmon began working with Israel Sieff and try to make Marks & Spencer more famous. Thanks to the efforts they made, in 1930, the flagship store of Marks & Spencer was opened in London, we also began to sell textiles at that time. Not only we sell textiles and clothes, we also have cafe bars inside our store, in which we offer fresh and affordable foods.

Marks & Spencer

We noticed that food sector was a huge success, so we tried to develop the food sector, we try to sell agricultural items and canned food. There is a brand called "St Michael", all of our food was sold under that brand. Later, we began to sell Asian food.

Marks & Spencer

Nowadays, Marks & Spencer is developed, we opened a branch in Europe and opened the Irish market. We also try on line shopping, giving our customers a better service.

Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer Survey Prize

Marks & Spencer is a clothing retailer, customers opinions are the most important things for it to develop itself. It wants to satisfy their customers, in order to know about what customers think, Marks & Spencer made a survey to collect customers’ suggestions and feedbacks. They want to know which style of clothes they love more, which style is needed to eliminate. Thanks for your time for participating the survey, you will get a prize after finishing the survey.

Description Detail
Prize $250
On line or Off line participation On line
Survey Limitation Limit one entry per person

You can use $250 to buy clothes in Marks & Spencer. There are many choices for you in the store, using $250 you can buy pants, skirts, shirt, and many other things. Shirts are recommended in Marks & Spencer, they are with good quality but also at low price.

How to Join Marks & Spencer Survey


1- Enter www.yourmandsviews.com on your computer.

2- Check the Prize Draw Rules, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

3- Click to start the survey.

4- Find the unique code on your M&S store receipt. The numbers are in groups of three. Example: 1234 567 891011.

5- Enter the time and the date of your visit. You can find it on your store receipt. Then click "NEXT".

6- The survey will now begin by asking some general questions about your visit such as which department of the store did you visit the day you went to M&S? And, Was it easy to find your way around the store? Answer the questions referring to your experience.

7- After complete the survey, you will be able to enter the M&S survey sweepstakes.

8- Please provide your name and address and other contact information into the area provided.

Marks & Spencer Survey Rules

1- Participants should be people over the age of 18.

2- The limitation is one entry and one survey completion per person, email address or phone number.

3- You can view the complete M & S Retail Customer Satisfaction Prize Draw Official Rules.

Reference Links

M&S Customer Survey Link: www.yourmandsviews.com

M&S Official Site: www.marksandspencer.comm


Fiona Van Der Nest 2021-03-02 11:37:45
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